The Start-up Promotion Center supplies its services both directly, by means of direct consultancy to potential new entrepreneurs, and as an intermediary between them and the expertise centers, which can address the technical, management and financial questions arising from an in-depth analysis of the proposed idea or project.
The Center follows its potential new entrepreneurs in the various concept and development phases of their own projects. These phases can be divided theoretically into:

  • PHASE 1: Project conception/inception;
  • PHASE 2: Business Model and Business Plan computation and analysis;
  • PHASE 3: Project launch;
  • PHASE 4: Project implementation;
  • PHASE 5: Project consolidation and development.

The Start-up Promotion Center also has an Incubator which can “host” innovative Start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them not only with consultancy and intermediation services, but also logistic infrastructure.


The progression from one phase to another of a Start-up’s development process and its possible admission to the Incubator is subordinate to the decision of the Center’s management and the Center’s Committee of Experts. The committee in particular is called upon to decide whether or not to provide said support.


Transition from one phase to the next is subject to the decision of the Center, in particular the transition from PHASE 2 to PHASE 3 depends on the Center’s own commission of experts, which has to declare its support or non-support for the the launch and implementation of the project. Decisions taken by the Start-up Promotion Center’s Commission of experts are final.