Phase 3

If required by the promoters, the Center can assist and support them in this phase in looking for financing as well as in dealing with the various administrative, legal and tax procedures involved in carrying out the project.


The Center acts as an intermediary between potential new entrepreneurs and financial institutions (banks, venture capital companies …), illustrating the validity of the project to them. In agreement with the people concerned, the Center will also decide whether to submit the project to one of the Foundations in Switzerland which periodically reward the best innovative projects with financial incentives, participation in the share capital or with other services.


At the same time the Center will evaluate the possibility of receiving aid, as foreseen by Cantonal and Federal law in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, by submitting the project to the Sezione Cantonale per il Promovimento Economico (SPE).


The activity carried out directly by the Start-up Promotion Center in this phase is free to the people concerned.


As soon as the funds for the project are guaranteed,, it is possible to move on to PHASE 4, the effective implementation of the project.