Phase 2

In this phase the idea or project must be developed into a Business Model and, subsequently, into a Business Plan.


For this, the features and original aspects of the potential product/service need to be described; the production costs, selling price and market must be defined and the competition and ways in which the new product/service differs must be identified. Decisions must then be made about marketing policy, about ,who the suppliers will be, which legal statute is planned for the company and if the idea needs to be patented. It is also necessary to prepare a profile and decide the availability of the personnel who will be needed, as well as to think about the location of the company and the administrative and financial management.


This phase is completely free for the Center’s users. Depending on the sector of the project, the solidity of the Business Model and the Business Plan (which have to be prepared by the people concerned) can be entrusted first of all to an Expertise Center in USI or SUPSI, if one is available in the required field. If this is not possible, the Center will act as an intermediary activating the network of external Expertise Centers.


Phase 2 ends with the presentation of the Project to the Start-up Promotion Center, which decides on the sustainability of the project and, hence, on the support that the Center will or will not provide starting from PHASE 3.