The Incubator represents the ideal complement for the Start-up Promotion Center in the sense that it facilitates support for the creation of new enterprises by hosting them (and supplying them with a first headquarters) while they are being established, in a context - that of Lugano University's campus - which can provide all necessary infrastructure, connections and assistance for the success of each individual entrepreneurial project.


The general objective of the Incubator is to contribute to the best possible exploitation of the results of scientific research as well as of the knowledge and competences acquired by young academics while at university, and to help transfer them into the economic background of the Canton of Ticino, through the promotion of new entrepreneurial initiatives.


The Incubator is part of the international incubator and incubator network, established, thanks to the project "Interreg" (Interstartup project), with the Enterprise Incubator of Milan Polytechnic and its branches in Como and Lecco. It also participates in the activities of the European network of Incubators ("Incubator forum")