Incubation Phase


  • to develop and “accelerate” the project
  • to effectively create the product/service
  • to seek financing for production
  • to acquire the first customers
  • to put the product/service on the market


  • usually 1 to 2 years, depending on the project

In this phase the Incubator offers:



  • furnished office (desk, shelves)
  • telephone connection, internet and access to interactive services
  • shared fax, printer, photocopier
  • meeting rooms
  • recreation room (cafeteria)
  • postal address and e-mail at the Incubator
  • web page and presence on the Incubator homepage
  • shared telephone exchange


  • assistance and consultancy provided by the Start-up Promotion Center
  • access to the experience and services of other partners and, in particular, of the international network of enterprise accelerators and incubators

A contract for the hire and supply of infrastructure and services will be drawn up with the candidates admitted. The contract will last for one year and may be renewed for one more year.


The renewal will, however, depend on the decision of the Start-up Promotion Center’s committee of experts which will evaluate the work done and the project's real possibilities of success.

The use of spaces is free. The use of certain other infrastructure (telephone, printer, photocopier) will be charged according to real use of the same


For the services directly or indirectly provided by the Start-up promotion center the conditions stated in the service agreement will hold.