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DAC SYSTEM is a system that allows you to identify, with a remote system and precisely, the failures of equipment located on the large broadcast transmission towers. All failures that currently require human intervention on the tower with very long and expensive search times.

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Designergy sviluppa elementi solari integrati nei materali da costruzione, così da consentire la produzione di energia solare a costi di installazione più contenuti rispetto alle soluzioni attualmente disponibili e la costruzione di edifici energeticamente efficienti. Il progetto si è distinto per il forte impatto che potrebbe avere sulla società, sull’ambiente e sull’economia.


Nel settore dell'agricoltura, e in particolare nella viticoltura, è molto importante garantire la qualità dei prodotti attraverso metodi di gestione sostenibili e rispettosi dell'ambiente. Un'attività importante è quindi quella di monitorare le condizioni microclimatiche di una coltivazione al fine di prevedere lo sviluppo di malattie che possano danneggiarla. L'obiettivo di Dolphin Engineering è offrire un servizio, basato su reti di sensori wireless e modelli biologici, in grado di prevedere lo sviluppo della flavescenza dorata e comunicare automaticamente al viticoltore dove e quando effettuare il trattamento fitosanitario.

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EnvEve is an high tech company specialised in Internet of Things. It has developed a unique Internet of Things framework for outdoor applications. Robust and reliable devices enable sophisticate analytics to support decision in Agriculture and Forests.

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Sfruttando un'innovazione tecnologica che impiega un laser a femto-secondi, la FEMTOprint SA è una stratup in grado di produrre in un unico pezzo e a partire dal vetro, microdispositivi 3D, dotati di funzionalità ottiche, microfluidiche e micro-meccaniche.

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GONDOLA Medical Technologies is a portable medical device for personal use, made for people who live with Parkinson’s Disease able to reduce motor symptoms and to improve balance. The GONDOLA device gives a treatment named “Automated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation” (AMPS). Several clinical studies have documented that AMPS therapy is effective in improving motor skills in people affected by Parkinson’ symptoms.

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Gr3n developed an innovative process, based on a new application of microwave technology to a well-known chemical reaction, which provides for the first time an economically efficient chemical recycling of PET (Polyethylene Terephtalate), and allows an industrial implementation of this recycling method. This new process can potentially change how PET is recycled worldwide, with a huge financial benefit for the recycling industry.

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Immpres is An Innovative Way to Present your Ideas, combines the concepts of presentations and immersive experiences, providing a new generation of digital content, allowing us to communicate through dynamic and interactive 3D scenes, called 'immpressions'.

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Lands - 3333

Lands  offre il servizio partendo da dati concreti, vincoli legislativi e pianificatori uniti ai desideri della committenza – fino all’ottenimento di un dossier che definisca un costo preciso in base  al quale committente, banche e assicurazioni possono decidere e formulare le loro offerte. È anche un nuovo modo di vedere un progetto architettonico.

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LgoGrab è il nome della piattaforma, permette a qualunque azienda di rendere digtale il proprio logo e di scansionarlo con un QR code ovungque pre accedere alle informazioni ad esso legat. L'applicazione può essere facilmente scaricata su smartphone e al'interno del sito

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Dedicated to the development and production of special chemical additives (of which they hold the exclusive formula) with high standards for some interesting applications on polymers (plastic materials).


Myfoglio is the online billing program that helps you manage your invoices in a simple and effective : so you have more time for your business.

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Oculox Technology

Oculox Technology is a company that uses cutting-edge wireless microtechnology to develop biosensors to be used for monitoring and diagnosing serious diseases. Oculox Technology's product is in the area of Ophthalmology.

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Coming soon.

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S'nce group

S'nce group nasce per proporre ad aziende ed istituzioni l'essenza della comunicazione, intesa come concretezza misurabilità ed efficacia nel raggiungimento dell'obiettivo di business.

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Saphyrion is a privately owned research and development company with a focus on both semiconductor and board level designs, as well as software development. The business of Saphyrion is centered on high quality high value designs, with a specializa tion in the GNSS and data communication fields. Our objective is to deliver radiation-hardened IC products for the aerospace and professional ground-based industry

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seed è un'organizzazione non-profit che promuove una culture delle nuove tecnologie per la formazione in progetti di cooperazione e sviluppo. Ai suoi partner seed offre esperienza, servizi e soluzioni tecnologiche adeguate per promuovere lo sviluppo attraverso la formazione. seed reinveste tutti gli utili in ricerca e formazione nei paesi in via di sviluppo.

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Disegnare, sviluppare e commercializzare micro-sistemi integrati in  una lente a contatto per la diagnosi e il trattamento di malattie oculari e, in particolare, del glaucoma.

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Snoopal is a social publishing service for documents. It aims at sharing written works and make them publicly available on the web and mobile devices in their original appearance.

Offre una piattaforma web a sostegno degli organizzatori di eventi, in modo che possano trovare l’intrattenimento perfetto per ogni occasione. Listing di oltre 2'000 intrattenitori, tra band, DJ, clown, maghi, presentatori, ensemble.

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Swiss Medendi

Swiss Medendi SA is proposed as an emerging medical devices company which has developed the innovative disposable infusion device HC100 able to protect patient’s vessels from necrosis and sclerosis using drug to blood diffusion technology. Thus Swiss Medendi SA addresses a major unmet medical need with respect to the administration of hazardous therapeutics.Coming soon.

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SwissLeg is a young firm from Ticino that produces artificial lower limbs (below knee and above knee prostheses), for amputees in the developing world. They are cost-effective and custom made on location at record times. To respond to a global humanitarian need, SwissLeg works towards creating new prosthetic centers in the neediest locations in the world. At the moment it is active in the Sudan in partnership with Project Hope just north of Khartoum. The second center will be opened soon in the north of Jordan to respond to the recent crisis with the Syrian refugees.

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SwissLimbs is a Swiss not-for-profit organization. SwissLimbs is specialized in capacity building of local professionals and organizations in the ortho-prosthetic field. We restore advanced mobility to disabled people who have unfavorable options and resources to secure their own rehabilitation. We believe that “mobility is a basic human right that should be accessible to everyone everywhere.

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Tracemyworld is the most advanced Web Service for the post-analysis and editing of GPS data collected during outdoor activities. It allows users to quickly upload and replay routes recorded by a GPS data logger, build their own routes on a digital map, analyze and compare performances, create communities to share information, comments and to compete with other teams on a virtual race basis, and much more.


TrusTTechnologty SA, founded in 2014, is the world’s only manufacturer of superior technical quality and highly aesthetic SIA (Intelligent Self-Assembling Structures), suitable for a wide market and multiple applications. Thanks to their unrivaled technology and superior strength, SIA can be utilized for a vast array of applications such as protection from the sun when working outdoors, ready-to-use mobile offices, gazebos, fair and expo stands, as well as shelters and first-aid structures for areas hit by natural disasters, and much more. TrusTTechnology SA is backed by Swiss reliability. With its distinctive designs, it’s present both in Europe and Internationally through a network of affiliates and distributors. Identified by a constant ability to innovate, quality and originality, it is the only manufacturer of SIA (Intelligent Self-Assembling Structures) worldwide.

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VISSEE is the world's first passive visual sensor. Placed on a moving object (such as a video-game controller or a car), it allows measuring its speed without emission nor contact. Now we applying it to the Anti-lock Braking System of motor vehicles, where it allows to reduce both the distance and the time of braking by up to 40%. In those critical situations, any meter or second is crucial: the VISSEE saves lives!

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Your Interface

Your Interface provides services in the ICT field and in particular regarding the conception of advanced interactive applications (web sites, multichannel and innovative applications, etc.). Your Interface supports the management of complex projects regarding the deployment of interactive applications, focusing on and promoting the key-role of the communicative aspects. Your Interface starts in 2005 as an initiative from a group of researchers and PHD students of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Lugano.

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