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ABI Solutions

The startup company located in Ticino has found a way to reduce the cost of accounting transactions by ten times through document digitisation, OCR, Artificial Intelligence as well as its own web application (SaaS).

ABI Solutions offers comprehensive financial control to SMEs (small and medium enterprises) through real-time data on production costs, income and expenditure patterns, financial report graphs and tables, thus highlighting weak and strong points of business and recognising operational risks. It allows therefore to drive the car of the business with the lights on.


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Appy Bros

A multidisciplinary technology agency that specializes in Web and mobile App development for SME & startups.
Appybros services include prototyping, User Experience and User Interface design, Web and mobile application development, branding and corporate identity. Based in Lugano, Switzerland, Appybros has an international team of collaborators with a wide range of skills and a single common denominator: customer satisfaction.


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Bafunno Mechanics

Our project is about a new generation mechanics for acoustic upright pianos that allows to obtain the same technical and sound performance of a grand piano on an upright piano, thanks to a double-repetition mechanics similar to that of grand pianos, actually not available on the market . Professional pianists and students can get a superior quality instrument at a sustainable cost and without needing a big space.

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We developed and sells worldwide a new patented hive that redesigns the beekeeper economy, saves the honeybees and sets a new standard.

Primalbee System induces a lot of advantages to honeybee colonies. The new hive is passive and cost effective and is the solution to the bee crisis, in conjunction or not with other methods.

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BigOmics is a cloud platform for the integrative analysis of Big Data in the field of next generation genomics. Our goal is to democratize the analysis of omics data to accelerate medical discoveries and improve treatments by personalized medicine.


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Brainiac Cloud

Brainiac Cloud is a platform aimed at democratizing Machine Learning via a user-friendly environment. Brainiac Cloud features a set of machine learning approaches, ready to use vertical solutions to tackle specific problems, an application marketplace, a community for Q&A and an educational laboratory.

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Clara Swiss Tech

Cycling in urban traffic is a constant risk, especially in poor light conditions. Every day, cyclists all over the world are involved in accidents caused by the lack of attention they receive from other road users. CLARA is the revolutionary smart jacket that incorporates ultra-bright turn signals and braking sensors to enhance cyclists’ visibility in the ever-growing city traffic and make their journeys safer.

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Il progetto Daxtro offre Il prodotto che si chiama DAXTRO-DR, è un dispositivo che impedisce la formazione del calcare, rimuove il calcare preesistente e migliora la qualità dell'acqua (antibatterico ed anti alga). Basa la propria tecnologia sulla proprietà che ha l'energia elettrica (opportunamente modulata), di ionizzare o polarizzare gli ioni sospesi nell'acqua e di provocare l'osmosi per batteri ed alghe.  Il prodotto viene applicato per diversi ambienti : torri di raffreddamento, scambiatori di calore, piscine pubbliche e private, centri sportivi e benessere, case, comunità in generale, industrie, allevamenti, ecc.

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Dicronis develops the first lymphatic activity tracker, allowing for the earliest possible detection of lymphedema, a chronic, progressive and debilitating complication of cancer therapies. 

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Foodbarrio is a marketplace where producers and lovers of quality food meet to tell, sell and buy unique products.

Foodbarrio's mission is to reinvent the quality food trade by creating a more sustainable food system in the interest of producers and consumers.

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I am Back

E’ una start-up innovativa che trasforma le vecchie macchine fotografiche anlogiche in ibride. Gli amanti delle vecchie fotocamere  a pellicola possono ora farle rivivere trasformandole in digitali senza rinunciare alla modalità analogica, e potendo passare dall' una all’altra velocemente. I’m Back PRO è un dorso digitale atteso da molti anni sul mercato ed è praticamente compatibile con quasi tutte le marche di macchine fotografiche analogiche prodotte a partire dagli anni 1950.

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F-Helix offers an innovative self-opening electrically powered helicopter. The  project, in fact, will adopt the revolutionary technology of hydrogen batteries on his aircraft, much lighter than lithium batteries and, as you can easily guess, particularly environmentally friendly, both for production (less grey energy) and consumption (zero emissions). "With hydrogen batteries with a total weight of about 280 kg and a power of 230 kW, with only 10 kg of liquid hydrogen F-Helix will be able to stay in the air for over 4 hours and travel over 650 km with four people on board

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innovative Window solution

We believe the buildings sector represents a priority for our Planet since it accounts for about 40% of the World total CO2 gas emission. In order to make our building more sustainable and energy self-sufficient we have patented an innovative window solution to integrated flexible thin film photovoltaic cells into windows blinds without compromising the design and the operation of the system, with iWin you can first protect buildings, from overheating in summer, reducing the energy bill and second iWin produces renewable electricity for you. iWin is durable, thanks to its integration into Double Glaze unit, and has less than 10 years of payback time.

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E’una startup nata per trovare una soluzione al riposo di chi non riesce a muoversi autonomamente nel letto. Permette ai disabili di muoversi in 3D e in maniera autonoma mentre sono a letto.

Localpoint - Powering local and regional publishing

Localpoint's mission is to help local and regional newspapers with the evolution from print to digital by endorsing the very latest technology and strategic innovation.

However Localpoint is not a mere provider of technology. The Company uses technology as a means to directly create new revenue streams for its customers. LocalPoint platform has been generating significant additional revenues for local publishers through a system that automatically "reads" and re-processes local print advertisements and print articles from the PDF versions of the newspaper in order to re-purpose such advertising for digital channels. Using principles of machine learning, LocalPoint Fusion recognizes advertising from the printed page, enriches such ads with automatically extracted data (eg dates, URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, map locations), and then re-publishes them on various digital channels operated by the newspaper, including web, mobile, tablet, and out-of-home TV.

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MANO is a wireless glove, rechargeable, lightweight, easy and quick to use, transportable, low consumption, environmentally friendly. An innovative ironing system that goes beyond the limits of the traditional iron and that, with a quick and easy ironing technique, promotes a philosophy of quality of life in harmony with the rhythms of our times.


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Rational Mechanics is a medical device engineering company that develops automation tools for biological and clinical laboratories. Our Modula product offers extremely simple and low cost automated multiplexing for low volume ELISA and microarray testing.


 MOST(  offers a device designed for fashion retailers or online stores. Simply standing in front of the device, this patented technology quickly takes body measurements and compares them with garment measurements, suggesting corresponding sizes in real time

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MV BioTherapeutics

MV BioTherapeutics SA’s mission is to develop oral vaccines for the prevention of gastrointestinal infectious diseases. Our goal is to address currently unmet medical needs with an improved patient accessibility.

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Orchestra is a platform that helps to optimize workflows in emergency situations, in daily operations, and their understanding of the territory, saving time and improving their effectiveness. Early warning, targeted information transfer, efficient activity management and resource use planning are just some of the key functions developed in close collaboration with the leaders of these organizations. 

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Pipingonline is the first platform to help buyers (EPC contractors, end users and traders) and suppliers (manufacturers and stockists) of piping and structural steel meet and conclude transactions online. On, buyers can configure and float RFQs (request for quotation) for piping and structural steel and get back back tabulated bids from suppliers. The portal targets the oil & gas, power generation, construction and ship building industries. The application has been developed by a team of experts from the aforementioned industries.

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Playtrip provides on the market the first digital library of location-based stories with gamification dynamics and augmented reality (AR).
The solution is composed of an online editorial platform and a mobile app.
Digital storytellers, local authorities, businesses, though the editorial platform, can create and next publish stories, by adding multimedia contents. Moreover, they have the opportunity to easily and cost-effectively exploit AR. Travellers use the app to live new travel experiences which give an original perception of the territory.

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Rec360 sells 360 images to the merchants for their ecommerce. The image are created with  hardware that controls the lights, the camera and it include a software for saving the image in the cloud. The equipment is portable, has high quality price ratio and it is remote controlled by an app on the mobile phone of our customers.

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Smart Pantry

the food waste app. Smart pantry proposes a system capable of helping families to manage their own pantry in a smart way, by managing the expiry dates of foodstuffs in our refrigerator and leading to engage in smart shopping. A coordinated effort between all members of a household, husband, wife, companions, children and roommates: "it is a virtual pantry that will be shared and accessible to all members of the household from multiple devices".

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smARTravel:art in your hand What does the next generation of museum app-based technology look like? smARTravel is a multimedia guide for museums, galleries and cities that highlights local culture and art in a global context. The platform is composed by a Content Management System and a smartphone application for iOS and Android. Our story Alsaro Sagl is a Swiss company based in Lugano, the italian speaking region of the country, that was created in 2014. Alsaro Sagl focuses on developing software and hardware solutions for different institutions and businesses. The company develops products that use cutting-edge technology, ensuring to their clients optimal and creative solutions that will position them among pioneers in the market. Our relevant expertise lies in the Business Intelligence field (Big Data), Cloud infrastructure design (Amazon, Azure) and App development.

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has developed an automated system to grow vegetables without soil at home. The system is made by a hydroponic structure, a control box with embedded software and a cloud connection to manage the cultures from anywhere at any time.

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Tell the Hotel

A chatbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Tell The Hotel chabots use text-recognition and artificial intelligence to provide the fastest answer to your guests ordinary questions.

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TicInsect is a company that aims to contribute to solve two problems: the need of sustainable protein sources and the reduction of food waste.

We have a burgeoning global population with 5 billion people entering the global middle class and so increasing the demand for animal meat;

however, 70% of all arable land and 1/3 of all fish caught are already destined for forage to feed animals, which also produce 18% of greenhouse

gas emissions. With this clearly unsustainable system soon one planet will not suffice.

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