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The main aims of the SCALE(up)ALPSproject are to foster the scaling up of Alpine Space (AS) startups and to brand the AS as a cooperative area for innovative businesses and job creation. The project is about improving funding opportunities, finding the talent and a skilled workforce, developing leadership and facilitating access to markets.

The project's main outputs will be:

  1. connecting AS ecosystem policies & communities of practice;
  2. selecting policies that expand the quantity and the quality of AS serial entrepreneurs and fast-growing scalable ventures;
  3. producing a mid-level feasibility plan with high level recommendations on start-up ecosystems’ growth and reducing fragmentation and therefore increasing collaboration across disciplines & stakeholders;
  4. designing & testing innovative public-private support schemes, matching corporates and capital, attracting talent, opening up market access and improving innovation within the entrepreneurial life cycle.
Data di inizio Tuesday 1 November 2016
Durata 29 months
Stato del progetto Aperto
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AlpEnMAT fosters innovative technology and provides innovation at the level of cooperation among different sectors and actors for allowing a wider application of innovative energy and mobility technology, thus triggering related positive effects on more balanced territorial and sustainable development, improving the access to energy and information services, creating new labor and growth opportunities, and enhancing the quality of life and competitiveness of the Alpine Space.

Proposto dal fondo Alpine Space Programme - European Territorial Cooperation – InterReg IV – Funding agencies: ARE, Canton Ticino

Data di inizio Saturday 30 November 2013
Durata 15 mesi
Stato del progetto Chiuso
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Sito della piattaforma eventi Jambite (Ticino)

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SEE - Social Enterprising Europe

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Un progetto ha l'obiettivo di formare e sostenere potenziali imprenditori sociali nello sviluppare i propri progetti nel Ticino.
Si tratta dunque di un progetto moltiplicatore di imprenditorialità.
Sostenere il social business significa contemporaneamente promuovere lo sviluppo regionale sostenibile, creare nuovi posti di lavoro e rispondere alle sfide sociali attuali.

In particolare il progetto ha l'obiettivo di:

  • Progettare e lanciare un programma di formazione per il social business;
  • Il programma sarà poi continuato come parte dell'offerta formativa dei proponenti, proposto dal fondo Lifelong Learning Programme.
Data di inizio
Stato del progetto Chiuso
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Sito del corso SEE in Svizzera (Ticino):

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