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Call For Team - Smart Communication System

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The Start-Up Promotion Center (CP Start-Up) supports M&M Advisory S.r.l. (a public limited company working under the brand, hereinafter referred as “M&M”) and invites motivated project teams to establish a new company (hereinafter referred as “NewCo”) that will be capable of taking over the project named SCS (Smart Communication System).


The purpose of the call is to select a motivated team (hereinafter referred as “Team”) fully committed to start NewCo to develop and market the SCS project with an initial support provided by M&M, which at present owns the project.

The SCS project aims at:

  • offering a new emotional one2one (but not social) language;
  • providing companies with new ways for one2one communication and innovative advertising;
  • offering individuals and especially companies a new way to support charity initiatives;
  • offering instruments enabling Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.

The candidate teams should fulfi l the following requirements:

  • be adequately competent (especially in communication, informatics, management, and marketing);
  • exhibit appropriate interest and competence for taking over the SCS project;
  • have a broad understanding and propose a proper strategy for completing, marketing and monetizing the SCS project;
  • guarantee a long-term and full-time commitment to develop the SCS project;
  • be a team of at least three people

Try out the platform by registering at


M&M will provide NewCo with a seed funding of CHF 120’00.00 (previously deposited at USI).

In the start-up phase, M&M shall support NewCo with its professional expertise and its network of experts: Gruppo Lambertini and Studio legale e notarile Molo & Collenberg).

NewCo will also benefi t from the support of CP Start-Up


At least one of the members of the team must reside in Ticino.

Terms & Conditions
  • M&M will provide NewCo with a seed funding of CHF 120’00.00 (previously deposited at USI).
  • NewCo shall invest CHF 110’000.00 in developing the SCS project;
  • NewCo shall not spend the seed funding provided by M&M to pay for salaries of the internal team.
  • NewCo will assign the remaining CHF 10’000 to a competition for the best marketing plan addressing the marketing goals of NewCo. This competition will address USI-SUPSI students or other applicants that NewCo deems interesting. NewCo will be in charge of managing the entire competition, selecting the winning proposal and assigning the award.
  • M&M and the Team shall jointly establish in Canton Ticino NewCo in the legal form of a LLC (Sagl) with a share capital of CHF 30’000 with the following characteristics:
    • M&M shall own 48% of NewCo shares and will have a representative in the Board of Directors of NewCo;
    • the Team shall own 48% of NewCo shares and will have a representative in the Board of Directors of NewCo;
    • a third institutional party, proposed by USI, shall own 4% of NewCo shares and will have a representative in the Board of Directors of NewCo.

form more informations see the attached call

Application Procedure

Applicants fulfi lling the aforementioned requirements and who accept the aforementioned terms and conditions, should send a team proposal (comprehensive document in .pdf format) to: bondi [at]
The “team proposal” shall include the following chapters:

  • potential strategy overview for the development of the business exhibiting a sound understanding of the SCS project (max. two pages);
  • Lean Canvas schema synthesising how the team intends to proceed (one page);
  • team presentation including the names and roles of the team members, and how the team was formed (max. one page);
  • CV for each team member (max. one page for each member);
  • appendixes including other information enabling a better evaluation of the team.

Team proposals shall not exceed eight pages, excluding CVs.

Application Deadline
Tuesday 31 October 2017
Contacts/For more information

CP Start-Up tel +41 58 666 4706

Umberto Bondi, bondi [at]

Nicola Mazzucchelli, nm [at]


Is this another e-mailing tool?
No, this is a tool enabling one2one emotional communication, addressing individuals and business entities. SCS Voice4People is a system that enables actions related to corporate communication, advertising, charity or corporate social responsibility (CRS).


How can the SCS Voice4People system implement CRS actions?

For instance, a Company can provide its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.) with a number of vouchers, using SCS Voice4People; each stakeholder can then send the vouchers to the social organization of choice (e.g. Red Cross, etc.)


Where can I see a prototype of the project?

To further understand the concept and its potential, just register at the following link: (link is external)


Does the system work?
The basic functionalities of the current prototype of the system are fully operational. A development team is however required to seek a way of maximizing the value proposition of the project. It is expected that at least some kind of app is implemented in the project.


If I do not like the System as it is, can I change it?
Yes, it can be revolutionized from top to bottom. What should remain however is the basic idea: one-2-one emotional communication system, allowing the aforementioned actions.
If the team has a better idea, it can apply and develop it as long as the aim of the project is assured, hence to allow businesses to advertise for charity purposes as the ultimate goal.

Will I be paid a salary?
This CALL FOR TEAM, not a job recruitment advertisement. The development team is called upon to take over the project strategy and become part of the company board, with a strong entrepreneurial commitment. The seed capital (CHF 120'000) is available for covering direct costs for the development of the business and of the platform. The team is expected to act as any start-up, in collaboration with M&M consultBank, including looking for other resources and marketing the project. If your team is able to structure a plan to increase earnings (competitions, calls, minimum viable product selling, etc.), you will be able to take advantage of these earnings to give members a salary.


What are the terms for becoming a board member of the company?

The goal of the promoter of this initiative is, on the one hand, to provide the seed capital and, on the other, to share the business risk with the developer team. For this reason, the latter is given the opportunity to take part in the incorporation process of the company, by establishing a Limited Liability Company, LLC (Società a garanzia limitata, Sagl) together with the promoter and registering it in Ticino. The total share capital is CHF 30’000, 48% of which will belong to developer team; the other 48% will belong to M&M consultBank, whereas the remaining 4% will be retained by an institutional third party entity, appointed by USI Università della Svizzera italiana. M&M consulBbank and the developer team are both required to provide the funds for their respective 48% of the share capital (i.e. CHF 14’400).

Is this a full-time project?
It requires full commitment for the development of the project. You are free to engage in a second activity as long as you can present a development plan that will allow the team to develop the project as a primary activity.


Must the team be composed of at least three people?
Three people are ideally the minimum number required to create a team that develops the project, but a team of two people, or even a single member, is also eligible, provided you agree to involve other members (for instance, other applicants interested in joining the team).

Who can I ask for further information?

You can contact Umberto Bondi (bondi [at] +41 58 666 4706) and Nicola Mazzucchelli (nm [at] (subject: Call%204%20team) ).
Should a number of people show interest in the project, a workshop could be organised to clarify all open issues and answer questions.